Hazardous Waste

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Hazardous-Waste-Label-6-x-6inch_NEW.pngHelp ensure your compliance when transporting hazardous waste by using IDR's Standard Waste Labels. These labels are in compliance with EPA and DOT regulations.

Download the label, print it out, fill in the information and attach it to a storage container, just like you would any other label.

Why pay for expensive labels when you can get them for free?

Size: 6in x 6in


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Non- Hazardous

Download Free Non-Hazardous Waste Labels

Non-Hazardous-Waste-Label-6-x-6.jpgUse non-hazardous labels to distinguish between hazardous and non-hazardous waste. 

Lots of room for specific descriptions of what type of waste is stored in the container.

Size: 6in x 6in 



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Download Free Universal Waste Labels


Waste accumulators use Universal Waste labels for waste that is generated across many public sectors – but is still considered hazardous.

Examples typically include many light bulbs, batteries, CRT’s, insecticides and mercury thermostats.

Size: 6in x 6in 


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I was paying about $2 a label until I found these options. Just using a bit of tape to fix them to the container, and I was in business. Saved me a ton!


Shawn B.

Shawn B. Arc Mfg.

Exactly what we needed. The price of labels these days is nuts! The labels don't need to be pretty, they just need to work.

These do!

Frank j.

Frank J. Lev Chemcials Inc.

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